Welcome to Living Room Literature

Sarah and the Living Room literature mascot Cecily the Kitty

Living Room Literature is a simple idea: short literature courses for small groups of people looking to nurture or rekindle their love of books without leaving the comfort of a relaxed home environment. Classes – which are taught via a combination of in-person and Zoom –  are sociable but serious. I want to help busy people understand a text and its context in a deep way, but there’ll also be tea and cake to push us along.

If you miss English and the sort of satisfying reading you used to do at school before life or career got in the way, I am certain you will love these courses.

Who is Living Room Literature?

I’m Sarah Wah – a qualified English teacher with years of experience working in universities and schools including St Paul’s Girls’ School where I taught for over a decade. I am also director of Literary Heights – a tuition service for A Level and GCSE students.  A little while ago, a parent said “I’d love you to teach me!” and LRL was born!

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