Taking the institution out of learning

Taking the institution out of learning

Living Room Literature, located in my home close to Ravenscourt Park, offers bookish people bespoke, small-group enrichment courses in literature.

Whether you studied literature at University or dropped it at A-Level to pursue a career as a scientist, chances are that nowadays you just don’t get the time to do the sort of deep and satisfying reading that you used to do in your school days.

With LRL, you don’t need to go back to school to reclaim your love of books; with the institution taken out of learning, you can look forward to classes delivered in the personal, warm and informal space of my living room.

As in the Literary Salons of old, you will be part of an intimate and eclectic circle of fellow readers, driven by a wish to know more about great works of literature. Unlike the salon culture, however, LRL does not presuppose existing knowledge about a text; texts are taught so you can expect classes to be structured and to be given plenty of guidance.

All classes will be led by me, an active teacher and published researcher. Learning will happen ‘in the moment’ removing cumbersome assessment processes and the sting of essay writing.