‘The Roaring 20’s’

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald didn’t just write about the glamour, excess and hangover of the ‘roaring 20s’; he lived them too. His works chart the stunning rise and dizzying fall of the rich, beautiful and damned in a changing world of jazz and Prohibition, cars and car crashes, booms and busts, and a gathering storm in Europe. This course will explore The Great Gatsby, published in 1922, when Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, were the toast of the New York smart set; and Tender is the Night, an apparently messier, disillusioned chronicle of a doomed marriage and a lost generation, published in 1934, while Fitzgerald’s personal life was unravelling. We will explore Fitzgerald’s experiments with narrative perspective and technique, his problematic presentation of women; and his ambivalent relationship with American ideals and the ‘Old World’ of Europe.

Tuesdays 19th Sept – 21st Nov  (10am – 12 noon)


Saturdays 23rd Sept – 25th Nov (10.30 am – 12.30)

Dates are inclusive of half term when classes are suspended

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Courses are bought as a package and cost £285 for eight sessions of two hours each. This includes tea and home-made cake provided in the break. I charge in advance and this invoice must be paid before beginning the course. Please note that groups are limited to 6 people and get booked up very quickly.