‘Reader, I married him’

Jane Eyre & Wuthering Heights

Cathy Illustration

To mark the bicentenaries of the Bronte siblings, this course will examine two of their greatest achievements: Charlotte’s Jane Eyre and Emily’s, Wuthering Heights. Most people can lay claim to some acquaintance with the Bronte myth but how many have engaged with the novels in ways that took them beyond the impulse to spot biographical links? Both works invite passionate response and identification from readers yet they are also involved with some of the big public issues of the day such as religion, class, the home and the position of women. We can’t help but be charmed by Jane Eyre’s declaration, ‘Reader, I married him’ and so we should; by the end of this course you will have discovered additional ways of thinking about these novels: not only as intensely and irresistibly romantic but as equally extraordinary reflections on the mid-nineteenth-century world in which they were first published.

Date: May 4th – 29th June (10 am -12 noon)
Dates are inclusive of May half term when classes are suspended

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Courses are bought as a package and cost £240 for six sessions of two hours each. This includes tea and home-made cake provided in the break. I charge in advance and this invoice must be paid before beginning the course. Please note that groups are limited to 6 people and get booked up very quickly.