Is LRL for me?


For book-curious people of all shapes and sizes 

Maybe you are a parent who has taken a career break to bring up a family? Amidst the hurly burly of domestic life, it is easy to let your own intellectual interests take a back-seat. LRL is a great way to reconnect with books carving out space for reading in your week that is sacrosanct. Courses are assessment free removing the stress of doing written homework when you simply do not have the time to do it. 

Maybe you are retired and want to invest time in reading and studying again? Finding the right environment in which to do this is not always easy – book clubs can be more sociable than literary, whilst formal adult courses are sometimes a step too far in the opposite direction. LRL courses are a perfect middle-ground; my morning classes are a productive and stimulating way to fill your time. 

Maybe you are a culture-starved busy professional? My Saturday morning courses attract an eclectic mix of people some of whom work in the arts and some of whom do not. It’s a friendly forum and a great way to broaden your literary and social horizons.

Maybe you are a passive book-lover? If you enjoy reading but haven’t studied books since school now is the perfect opportunity to change this and what better way to do so than in a friendly unpretentious home environment?

Maybe you are about to finish A-Level study? If you want the chance to discuss books in a different kind of environment from school with people of different ages and backgrounds, then LRL is for you.

Perhaps none of the above! LRL appeals to keen readers who simply want the pleasure of discussing books for their own sake.