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Matches made in heaven …. 

LRL is proud to be partners with Slightly Foxed; subscribers to SF are entitled to a 10% discount on my courses.


‘A heartfelt celebration of writing that has stood the test of time . . . committedly eclectic’ Gaby Wood, Telegraph

In case you haven’t yet come across it, Slightly Foxed is a rather unusual quarterly book review. Unaffected by the winds of fashion and the hype of the big publishers, the quarterly introduces its readers to some of the thousands of good books that long ago disappeared from the review pages and often from bookshop shelves. Companionable and unstuffy, it has a wide range of contributors – some well-known, some not – who all write personally and entertainingly about the books they choose. It’s not so much a review magazine as a magazine of enthusiasms. Printed in England by traditional craftsmen printers, Slightly Foxed strikes a blow for lasting quality in content and presentation.


Cornish Pottery Holidays imageFeel like ‘going potty’?

Caroline Winn is a friend of LRL and a talented ceramic artist; I absolutely love her work and have examples dotted around my living room.

Caroline offers residential pottery courses at her home in the far west of Cornwall. The 5-day courses are tailored for all abilities, including beginners, and Caroline provides plenty of individual tuition.

Full board and comfortable accommodation are included.

More details, go to


Natasha Hole 

Natasha’s art work seeks to understand what happens when information is transferred into other forms, scales or media – whether word into image, image into sound, sound into data, data into pattern, and so on. Utilising a methodology of repetition or copying, Natasha is attentive to the chance or incidental changes that occur in translations and repetitions – processes that have great resonance for me as a lover of the written word and overlap with the kind of literary inquiry practiced and taught on my Living Room Literature courses.

I’m delighted to showcase examples of Natasha’s work in the hallway of my home; she is a talented artist as well as a close friend; ‘LRL and NH’ is a harmonious collaboration in every regard!