Every time I enter your living room I feel like I have just arrived at a much needed refuge where time stops still and I get to relax. I love it. I have a new appreciation for Victorian novels. I always loved them but it’s so nice to reread them as an adult and find new meaning in them. What a great gift you have given us all.

I absolutely loved the sessions; LRL afforded me the opportunity to engage in literature as though a student again – but with the advantage of experience! Sarah wears her learning lightly and leads you to understand aspects of the texts anew, or even for the first time. Sarah also makes fabulous cakes!

I could never go back to book club after studying with Sarah.

Fabulous! Sarah is a wonderful inspiration.


Living Room Literature is an inspired idea and perfect for curious readers who want to learn about books without going back to school; not a single plastic chair or chalk board in view!

The chance to rekindle your love of literature with a small group of like-minded people, sympathetically guided by an expert in cosy, civilized surroundings: what could be more appealing?

Unlike a bookclub (which in my experience often dissolves into discussing kids), Sarah moves the discussion along with a deft hand and, crucially, gives historical context. The time whizzes by!

We love Living Room Literature; talk about combining your strengths and passions to do something special


Sarah is an inspirational teacher. I was lucky enough to work with her in the English department at St Paul’s for four years. In this time she taught me so much about the Victorian period and got me re-reading the nineteenth century classics. Now I read them for pleasure again and re-read ‘The Woman in White’ over the summer because Sarah was enthusing so much about it! Although we don’t work together any more, we talk all the time about books. It is always a conversation with Sarah; no matter what one knows or doesn’t know – she is interested in what everyone has to say and shares her own incredible and detailed knowledge in such a way that you feel as if you had the ideas yourself. Sarah is outstanding in the classroom with her students and she is a fantastic, enthusiastic, and patient teacher of adults. Anyone who joins her classes will be incredibly lucky.

Sarah has devoted much of her life to the reading and discussion of literature. She is an experienced scholar who retains the ability to be enthused and delighted by books and delights in sharing that enthusiasm. She wears her erudition lightly and has the rare ability to make the complex comprehensible without dumbing down. Sarah’s unstuffy, friendly manner and her willingness to listen make her the ideal companion in exploration of literary texts from any period.  A happy day for Sarah involves a book and a chat; if the chat’s about books, even better.


Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. I feel so lucky to have been taught such beautiful and affecting literature in so warm and open an atmosphere as our classes have always been. I am confident that the words of Richard II and the witty conceits of Donne will spring to my mind far into the future as well as the tender memories of our lessons together.

I have valued your teaching so much and I have to say that my present love for English is much indebted to your lessons. I hope the gift interests you a little bit… I chose it for its eclecticism – something that’s never been lacking in our English classes.

Thank you so very much for all your fantastic teaching during my time at St Paul’s. The A level English course for me has been formative, fostering love for Sylvia Plath and George Eliot that I will retain for a lifetime. I have enjoyed every single class and will miss them so much…I’m planning to read lots of George Eliot over the summer!

It’s been great to have you as a teacher and I’ll be forever thankful for the fact you converted me to the joy of Dickens.

You have made it very difficult for me to leave behind English to pursue the Classics but needless to say words and reading will always be a huge part of my life.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful year of literature from Chaucer to Middlemarch and Milton. It has been a thrilling experience to explore such great works of literature in such great depth and I want you to know that literature shall continue to hold a place in my heart and future.

I hope that you have enjoyed teaching our class as much as I have enjoyed being in it, and I rather selfishly hope that you teach me again at some point in the future.