Cecily: cat in residence

Sarah Wah - January 2016 - © Julie Broadfoot - www.juliebee.co.ukI would like to take this opportunity to introduce Cecily: she is cat-in-residence at LRL and will feature regularly in my posts. She loves to participate in classes if given the chance, taking centre-stage (she knows how deliciously cute she is); you can see just how determined she is in this endeavour from the picture I’ve included in the post:  it was taken in January when I was being photographed for my new website and shows Cecily trying to sabotage the shoot by jumping onto the armchair every time the camera flashed!

Cecily’s appreciation of good literature is based not so much on quality of prose, but rather, on the length of time she gets to sit on my lap whilst I’m reading; needless to say that she is a great fan of the Victorian novel.

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